FastKing One Step RT-PCR Kit

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More efficient and sensitive one-step RT-PCR reagent

Cat. No. TIA-KR123   50 µL x 50 RXN (Manual)

The FastKing One Step RT-PCR Kit adopts the one-step method to enable RT and PCR to be carried out in the same reaction system. No reagent needs to be added and the tube cover does not need to be opened in the reaction process, thus avoiding cross contamination between samples and improving the detection sensitivity. The 25×RT-PCR Enzyme Mix in the kit is a premixed mix form of TIANGEN novel reverse transcriptase (King RTase), antibody modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase and RNase Inhibitor. It has stronger RNA affinity and thermal stability, extension capability to complex secondary structure RNA templates, and higher amplification efficiency and specificity to cDNA after reverse transcription. In addition, the 2× FastKing One Step RT-PCR MasterMix in this product is a new type of reaction system specially optimized for the above two key enzymes, which contains necessary ionic components, dNTPs, PCR stabilizers and enhancers. It ensures that King RTase and Taq polymerases have the best performance in the whole one-step reaction process.

■ Purity: Reverse transcription and PCR reactions are completed in one step to avoid cross contamination. 

■ High Efficiency: Unique King reverse transcriptase with RT efficiency over 95%. 

■ Sensitive: As low as 1 ng templates can be accurately identified, especially for templates with low abundance. 

■ Specificity: The antibody-modified Taq polymerase further improves the amplification efficiency and specificity.

Stored at -20℃.

It is suitable for detecting gene expression level in cells and tissues, cloning cDNA of specific genes and detecting RNA virus. It is especially suitable for qualitative detection of low abundance templates.


Total RNA of foot-and-mouth disease virus and human tissue samples were extracted respectively. Reverse transcript and PCR the target fragments of different lengths using TIANGEN FastKing One Step RT-PCR Kit (1), relevant products from Supplier A (2) and Supplier B (3) and observe PCR products after electrophoresis. The results show that the band of FastKing One Step RT-PCR Kit is clear and bright, with no tailing and no non-specific bands, and 1 ng template can be well detected. The experimental results of TIANGEN are better than those of relevant products.