Entrans qPCR Probe Set

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Cat. NO. AB-RK21210 (datasheet)

Entrans qPCR Probe Set is designed for probe-based qPCR reactions. It contains all components required for a rapid and reliable qPCR reaction except primers, probes and templates. When an intact probe binds to the complementary template DNA strand, the reporter dye and quencher are in proximity and the quencher absorbs the fluorescence emitted by the reporter dye. In PCR extension, the 5 '-3 'exonuclease activity of Taq polymerase cleaves the hybridized probe, separating the reporter from the quencher and releasing fluorescent signal. This kit includes an engineered version of Taq polymerase with antibody-mediated Hot-start capability to inhibit non-specific amplification at room temperature, while allowing high efficiency, sensitivity and reproducibility in qPCR amplification. The dNTPs and Mg2 + in the reaction buffer are packaged separately,as you can optimize the ratio accroding to your needs. The Entrans qPCR Probe Set is an ideal product for high-speed multiplex qPCR analyses.

Featured Specification
Applications DNA Amplification, PCR and qPCR
Storage Temperature -20°C
Heat Inactivation No