ABScript II RT Master Mix for qPCR with gDNA Remover

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Cat. NO. AB-RK20403 (datasheet)

ABScript II Reverse Transcriptase is an M-Mulv Reverse Transcriptase modified by genetic engineering to reduce the activity of RNase H, to improve thermostability, and to enhance cDNA synthesis efficiency, which ensures the authenticity and repeatability of qPCR results.
ABScript II RT Master Mix for qPCR with gDNA Remover is developed based on ABScript II Reverse Transcriptase and suitable for two-step RT-qPCR detection. The 5X ABScript II RT Mix in this product contains all the reagents required for the reverse transcription reaction. The reaction protocol is simple and can be carried out quickly by adding the RNA template and H2O. The 4X gDNA Remover Mix in this product completely removes residual genomic DNA contamination in the RNA template, increasing the accuracy of qualitative results.
4 x gDNA Remover Mix and 5 x ABScript II RT Mix remains unfrozen at - 20 ° C for easy access and use.
This product is specially optimized for qPCR. Oligo (dT)23VN has a stronger ability to anchor mRNA containing Poly(A) than Oligo (dT)18, making reverse transcription more efficient. The proportionally optimized Random Primers/Oligo (dT)23VN Primer Mix enables cDNA synthesis to progress from each region of RNA transcription efficiently, which ensures the authenticity and repeatability of qPCR results to the greatest extent. Reverse transcription products are compatible with SYBR Green and probe qPCR and can be used in combination with corresponding reagents according to experimental purposes for high-performance gene expression analysis.

Featured Specification
Applications The reverse transcription product (cDNA) obtained by using this product is only suitable for qPCR reaction and is not suitable for long fragment PCR amplification in downstream experiments such as cloning.
Storage Temperature -20℃