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About ABclonal

Based in Massachusetts, USA. ABclonal Biotech supports biological research with high quality, personalized research reagents and services. Products from the ABclonal Biotech catalog can be customized to ensure you get exactly the antibodies, peptides and proteins you need.




Molecular Biology
NGS Library Preparation Kits
Custom Antibody and Proteins

About Ubigene

Ubigene Biosciences is co-founded by biological academics and elites from China, the United States, and France. Ubigene Biosciences has 2000㎡ office areas and laboratories, involving genome editing, cell biology technology, and zebrafish research. They provide products and services for plasmids, viruses, cells, and zebrafish. They aim to provide customers with better gene-editing tools for cell or animal research. Making genome editing easier is the goal of Ubigene. They have developed CRISPR-U™ (based on CRISPR/Cas9 technology) which is more efficient than general CRISPR/Cas9 in double-strand breaking, and CRISPR-U™ can greatly improve the efficiency of homologous recombination, easily achieve knockout (KO), point mutation (PM) and knock-in (KI) in vitro and in vivo. With CRISPR-U™, Ubigene has successfully edit genes on more than 100 cell lines. Pragmatism, efficiency, integrity are their business principles. They are committed to providing the best services and products to every customer.

Genome Editing Platform

1. Provides various types of gene-editing vectors for different species.
2. Provides different virus packaging services, including lentiviruses, adenoviruses and adeno-associated viruses.
3. Provides high-quality services for gene knockout, point mutation, knockin cell lines and microbe.

Cell Biology Platform

1. Provides over 400 types of primary cells.
2. Provides culture strategies and related products for different cell types.
3. Provides cell biology-related services such as cell isolation, extraction and validation.