• High Success Rate — up to 95%.
  • Optional Expression Vectors — choose from a variety of screened and reformed E. coli expression vectors to meet the specific requirements of intracellular and periplasmic; the space secretory expression includes the pET series, the pBAD series, the pGEX series, and the pCold series.
  • Optional Protein Tags — solubilized tags such as SUMO, Trx, GST, and NusA used; the hydrophilicity of protein in inclusion body expression.
  • Optional Expression Hosts — choose from more than 10 E. coli expression hosts, including the standard expression strain, the protein expression enhanced strain, the toxic Protein expression strain, the ultra-low temperature strain for enhancing soluble protein expression, and the other expression strains to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Large-scale Production — 1-4,000 L per batch.
  • One-stop Service — from designing, optimizing, purification and post processing, to data management and presentation.


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